Spacefaring America Initiative: Overview

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Fundamentally, there is only one reason why America should become a true spacefaring nation—to retain its position as a world great power.

“A great power is a nation or state that, through its great economic, political, military, and diplomatic strength, is able to exert power in the world.  Its opinions are strongly taken into account by other nations before taking diplomatic or military action.” (Source)  Kenneth Waltz (Columbia University scholar on international relations) “uses a set of five criteria to determine great power: population and territory, resource endowment, economic capability, political stability and competence, and military strength.” (Source)

In 2002 , the United States Aerospace Commission concluded “that the nation will have to be a space-faring nation to be a global leader in the 21st century—our freedom, mobility, and quality of life will depend on it.”

Now its time to take the “-” out of space-faring???. This Spacefaring America Initiative Overview provides the Spacefaring Institute’s focus on changing the course of American space enterprises to enable America to be a leader in space and to become the first true commercial human spacefaring nation.

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