Vision and Goals

Footprint on Moon 645

As President Kennedy clearly understood, great powers persist by being first to accomplish great goals. That’s why there are American footprints on the Moon. Accomplishing great goals demonstrates national resolve, competence, and capability.

Now, it’s time for America to return its attention to the next “first” in space—becoming the first true commercial human spacefaring nation. The purpose of the Spacefaring America Initiative is to prompt a mindshift in American thinking about what needs to be done and how this should be undertaken.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” (George Bernard Shaw)

The coming mindshift in American thinking

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Thinking differently— thinking as spacefarers

The coming mindshift in how Americans think about becoming a true spacefaring nation was discussed in this essay. The essence of this mindshift is expressed in the following Vision and Goals of this Spacefaring America Initiative.


America as a true commercial human spacefaring nation with the ability to safely, effectively, and efficiently undertake commercial enterprise throughout the central solar system.


  1. Enable Americans, as spacefarers, to safely and routinely access, work, live, and travel throughout the central solar system, focusing initially on the Earth-Moon system.
  2. Provide American entrepreneurs, businesses, and government agencies with the robust, effective, and efficient spacefaring logistics infrastructure needed to expand current and establish new American space enterprises throughout the central solar system, focusing initially on the Earth-Moon system.
  3. Establish American commercial and industrial mastery of human spacefaring operations in order to enable America to compete successfully in opening the space frontier and to become the world’s leading commercial human spacefaring nation.