Spacefaring “S-Curve of Progress”

What the goals will bring in terms of progress

Goal 1: Enable Americans, as spacefarers, to safely and routinely access, work, live, and travel throughout the central solar system, focusing initially on the Earth-Moon system.

True spacefaring operations require that humans have the ability to access, work, live, and travel in space with acceptable safety. The intent of Goal 1 is to establish new to-space and in-space transportation and in-space habitation with airworthiness-certified safety and “aircraft-like” operability. While accomplishing this will certainly be technologically challenging, this is what is necessary to make commercial passenger space travel fit in with all other forms of American passenger transportation in terms of the public’s expectations as to the protection of their safety and that of their loved ones.

Goal 2: Provide American entrepreneurs, businesses, and government agencies with the robust, effective, and efficient spacefaring logistics infrastructure needed to expand current and establish new American space enterprises throughout the central solar system, focusing initially on the Earth-Moon system.

All businesses require logistics infrastructure to operate. Goal 2 will see the establishment of space logistics depots and human habitats in LEO to receive the new Goal 1 passenger and cargo space access systems. Goal 2 will also establish commercial-based spacefaring logistics services supporting new and expanded commercial and government space enterprises.

Goal 3: Establish American commercial and industrial mastery of human spacefaring operations in order to enable America to compete successfully in opening the space frontier and to become the world’s leading commercial human spacefaring nation.

Goal 3 reflects the fact that as Goals 1 and 2 are being implemented, the American aerospace industry will gain substantial design, production, and operational “hands-on” experience in successfully operating in space at a new level of safety and operability. This will constitute the initial level of spacefaring mastery that will provide the basis for the establishment of the first commercial human spacefaring enterprises. It will be the achievement of this spacefaring mastery that will establish America as a true commercial human spacefaring nation.