Strategy for Success

Establishing new Federal Government Corporations

The focus of the Spacefaring America Initiative is on building the enabling spacefaring logistics infrastructure needed to enable space solar power. In modern times, the responsibility for this has primarily been with the Federal Government because the responsibility for the execution and completion of the infrastructure exceeds the level of commercial responsibility and risk normally levied on a private company. In other words, a corporation can simply walk away from a too-challenging project, declare bankruptcy to protect the owners personal wealth, and say it was too hard to do. This is not acceptable for significant infrastructure programs and is why, over the last two centuries, the government has been the lead in most such efforts.

No existing Federal agency is prepared to take this on

No current Federal department or agency is properly organized and staffed to undertake the programmatic responsibility for building either the spacefaring logistics infrastructure or the space solar power industry or overseeing their operation. Certainly, proponents for taking on this responsibility will emerge from some departments and agencies or by Congressional champions of these departments and agencies. With equal certainty, it would be a mistake if programmatic and operational control of these efforts were to be done in-house—political control, yes; operational control, no.

Use Federal Government Corporations

The conventional and appropriate approach to use for establishing programmatic control of the building of the spacefaring infrastructure and the space solar power industry is to establish two new Federal Government Corporations. Described in more detail here, Federal Government Corporations are new organizations, established outside the executive branch of the Federal Government, and given specific program goals to complete. While these are used for a wide range of activities, infrastructure building is a very common application. It is the model to now use for establishing the needed new paradigm for building the spacefaring logistics infrastructure and a space solar power industry. Thus, along with other needed new federal legislation, legislation establishing two new Federal Government Corporations is now needed to create the new paradigm for success in transforming America into a true commercial human spacefaring nation.