What to do now

Earth rise from lunar orbit as seen by Apollo 8. (U.S. Government)
Earth rise from lunar orbit as seen by Apollo 8. (U.S. Government)

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”
(Thomas Alva Edison)

The world is entering a new era of the space age where many nations will compete for the knowledge, wealth, and security that can be realized by industrializing space.

As noted in the Overview, the 2006 version to the United States National Space policy emphasized this point:

“In this new century, those who effectively utilize space will enjoy added prosperity and security and will hold a substantial advantage over those who do not.”

Throughout history, great nations have been faced with the challenge of how to respond to the opening of new physical and technological frontiers. The last half century has only seen the preliminaries of the expansion of human civilization and enterprise into space.  During this coming century, human space enterprises will unfold with dramatic and exciting advancements whether or not America decides to compete. The world will need energy and other resources from space.

This Spacefaring America Initiative describes how America can now become a true spacefaring nation enabling Americans, as spacefarers, to undertake safe and routine spacefaring operations throughout the central solar system. By changing America’s course in space and investing in establishing the “robust, effective, and efficient space capabilities” (2006 U.S. National Space Policy) needed to successfully compete in the new space race, we will be able to live the American spacefaring dream and, as a nation, reap the substantial benefits that will be realized in the coming decades by the first true spacefaring nations.