Spacefaring Thinking


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Mindshift in thinking necessary to become a spacefaring nation. (© Spacefaring Institute LLC)

Rolf Smith, in his book The 7 Levels of Change, notes that a “mindshift” in thinking is needed to achieve different results. This is shown in the graphic above. As the top row shows, thinking the same way leads to maintaining the same expectations about the likely outcome. The same expectations cause actions to be done the same way without question. The same actions lead to the same outcome, however undesired they may be. This is what being in a “rut” means.

When there is recognition of the need to achieve a different outcome, the potential for a mindshift in thinking emerges.  But thinking differently alone is not, obviously, sufficient to achieve the truly desired results. The casual thoughts of different thinking must be intentionally transformed into new expectations. These new expectations must then cause different actions that, with forethought, will lead to the desired results.

While simple to describe, this is very hard to accomplish. The two primary obstacles are peer pressure and the lack of an actionable plan.

Peer pressure can only be overcome through determination. The best way to gain and sustain determination is to identify desired new results that you believe are important to achieve and, then, to adopt the intention of achieving these results. Having intent is the primary counter to peer pressure; it provides the personal resolve needed to positively respond to criticism and social pressures.

The lack of an actionable plan can be overcome by developing one or adopting one. Either way, the plan provides focus on what next steps need to be taken and what actions need to be advocated.

Application to Spacefaring America Initiative

For achieving the American spacefaring dream, the needed mindshift is to start to think as a spacefarer and adopt the new expectation that America must become a true commercial human spacefaring nation.  The next step—defining what needs to be done differently—is the focus of the Spacefaring America InitiativeThe purpose of this website is to describe how this can be done in order to encourage pro-spacefaring Americans to start thinking as spacefarers and to adopt a plan to become spacefarers.