Terrestrial sustainable energy solutions are not practical for America

Many believe that terrestrial sustainable energy solutions will provide America with the sustainable energy needed to replace fossil fuels. The three primary terrestrial options for the United States are wind, ground solar, and nuclear power. For reasons discussed here, none of these terrestrial solutions can be practically scaled up to replace fossil fuels. Thus, with the need for America to undertake an orderly transition from fossil fuels, the one remaining scalable option is GEO space solar power.

For America to become environmentally and energy secure, 5,000 GW of GEO space solar power must be built. To achieve this, America must industrialize Earth-Moon space and the central solar system to obtain the resources needed to build the GEO space solar power systems.

GEO space solar power is America’s sustainable energy solution

Industrializing Earth-Moon space will be undertaken to provide space-based sustainable power—GEO space solar power—to America and, possibly, much of the rest of the world to replace fossil fuels.

This silent, six-minute video explains GEO space solar power and how this can benefit America.