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The future that is coming

A new “spacefaring” era is beginning

The United States has now entered a new spacefaring era of the space age where America must become a true commercial human spacefaring nation. The reason for this is the clear need to develop a commercial space solar power industry to prevent our civilization from collapsing this century when affordable fossil fuels become inadequate. This is a fact that all American aerospace professionals should now clearly understand and enable.

Revolutionary new transportation/logistics capabilities have redefined America. Steam-powered transportation established America as a continental, industrial nation in the 19th century. Powered flight redefined world commerce and military power in the 20th century and America’s aviation industry established America as a superpower. The 21st century will become the age of commercial human spaceflight and will transform the world once again. The driver for this will be the world’s need for space energy to replace fossil fuels as there are no other alternatives at this time. There is no turning back. America’s spacefaring future has arrived.

I founded the Spacefaring Institute to advocate for and lead the building of an integrated commercial spacefaring logistics infrastructure to enable American enterprise, primarily related to commercial space solar power, to be undertaken throughout the Earth-Moon system. We can no longer afford to dawdle in becoming a true commercial human spacefaring nation.

James M. (Mike) Snead, PE
Founder and president