America’s middle-class standard of living is shown in the above montage.

Today, Americans depend on non-sustainable fossil fuels for roughly 80 percent of the energy enabling this standard of living. While this fossil fuel dependency remains, America’s standard of living and middle-class economic prosperity are also non-sustainable.

Further, while Americans continue to use fossil fuels, carbon dioxide emissions from the combustion of these fuels enters the atmosphere, adding to the abnormally high and rising atmospheric CO2 concentration.

America’s environmental and energy security threats require action now

Reasonable Americans are now recognizing that America has two vital threats that must be resolved by changing our source of energy in order to retain our middle-class standard of living with an acceptable environmental footprint. These threats are:

  • the environmental threat due to the abnormally high and rising atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration, (for more details click here) and
  • the energy security threat due to America’s still substantial dependence on non-sustainable fossil fuels for America’s economic prosperity and middle-class standard of living (for more details click here).

Americans today have a moral obligation to set the United States on an effective path to resolve these threats by, in an orderly manner, transitioning from fossil fuels to sustainable energy. To replace fossil fuels by 2100, when America’s population is likely to have grown to around 500 million, nearly 5,000 gigawatts (GW) of baseload sustainable electrical generation capacity must be built. For comparison, the Hoover Dam can generate a maximum of 2 GW.