Establish American leadership in transitioning the world to sustainable energy

Sustainable energy and robotic manufacturing will transform human civilization. Our children and grandchildren will see achieving individual “wealth” replaced by providing everyone with “plenty”. Sustainable energy-powered robotic manufacturing and recycling, and robotic-assisted construction will remake our civilization enabling everyone worldwide to have a middle-class lifestyle with an acceptable environmental footprint.

Two centuries ago, most Americans lived on farms and were directly engaged in food production. Today, with a population that has grown about ten-fold, only a few percent of the population is able to provide all of the food needed. Other industries are seeing comparable shifts in the required human labor to meet consumption needs.

With the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy provided by largely robotic-manufactured GEO space solar power, the human effort required to supply a middle-class lifestyle will become trivial. With smart recycling and sustainable energy, the old can be readily transformed into the new. What will be the cost of a new anything when the energy and the materials are essentially free of human effort?

Undertaking GEO space solar power has the potential to not only end energy impoverishment, but it will enable worldwide sustainable development, providing all that wish with a middle-class standard of living.