Define an urgent political need for for America to undertake a commercial human spacefaring transformation

As the federal budget is in a perpetual state of deficit spending, beginning new programs requires reallocating federal resources. When significant new federal funding is required, the urgent political need warranting a change in spending priorities must be established. Hence, the first political battle to be won, to transform America into a true commercial spacefaring nation, is to establish the urgency for action that cannot be undertaken with existing federal funding allocations.

The driving political need for President Kennedy’s ambitious Apollo program was to win the Cold War between the United States and the former Soviet Union. While the Cold War was fought on many fronts, the public competition between America’s capitalistic economy and the Soviet Union’s communist economy for dominance in space technologies was “fought” in the competing civilian space programs. At the time of President Kennedy’s 1962 speech, the Soviet Union was leading. An indication of the rising tension was that the Cuban Missile Crisis, where the United States and the Soviet Union came very close to nuclear war, was just five weeks in the future at the time of Kennedy’s speech. America went on to win this competition with the Apollo manned lunar landings. By the 1980s, the former Soviet Union collapsed economically while trying to keep up with America’s technologically-surging economy—especially its aerospace civilian and military capabilities.

The current driving political needs for America to now undertake a commercial human spacefaring transformation are to remove the environmental and energy security threats discussed above. These threats are no less serious than the Cold War threat posed by the former Soviet Union. If nature goes to “war” with human civilization through human-caused harmful environmental changes, this is a war human civilization will most likely lose. If industrialized nations experience a declining middle-class standard of living due to energy shortages and rising energy prices as non-sustainable fossil fuel resources are exhausted, military conflict among nuclear-armed nations is a strong possibility. Reasonable Americans understand the seriousness of these threats and the need for American-led solutions. When examined, reasonable Americans will agree that GEO space solar power is the proper solution for America to pursue to resolve these two threats in an orderly and timely manner.